Where the idea for The lady and the Hound Divination came from.

I had a dream. Yep, a very weird dream. It was about a woman who was abused, and decided to go into the woods to end her life. A hound comes up to her with his face half skeletonized.

(It wasn’t out of no where, I had previously watched Animal Aide India on YouTube and there was a poor pup who had been beaten. The cuts on his face began to abcess, then, miracle of miracles, and the only reason he’s alive, is the maggots set in and ate all of the bacteria laden flesh. It prevented the infection from entering his blood stream and killing him. Half the skin was hanging from his face and half of his head, the skeleton, was exposed. The maggots kept that portion alive long enough that when the workers found him, he was able to have the skin re-attached. Now he looks normal. I’m sure that’s why he was in my dream. I am major animal lover-well, lover of all living things.)

Then the hound starts to speak to the woman in RHYME. I jumped up and wrote down what I could remember. That’s what’s in the book. It was supposed to be a short story around this women and the rhyming hound but then ended up as long as I could get it before I might abandon the whole thing and go back to the short story idea. Book link

Not to freak anyone out, but I do use a pendulum, and yes, I use it to connect to my guardian angel and guides. She was the one who picked out the names for the vine castle named so because I love vines, (Zropu) and the name for Heaven, Oapuzi. She, through a letter board, chose both names. One is purely fictional (Zropu) and the other is supposedly what my guardian angel calls the star she originated from (Sirius ?). I for one, believe her. I did ask if God or the Divine Ones were Hawaiian or Japanese, since the names could be a street in either location. I think, once we’re in spirit, it doesn’t matter what race we were here on Earth.

She has never steered me wrong. And she does steer me. I published Guardian Angels: How to use a pendulum to connect to your guardian angel…and change your life. It sells at least one copy everyday on average. Who knew so many people were interested. It’s published in Spanish as well. I was also guided to create a Udemy class, How to use a pendulum to connect to your guardian angel. It has 45 students so far. The URL is https://www.udemy.com/gadayfree/

I had a story to tell, so I wrote a memoir, which is still in the weird stage, but will be called from loser to Enlightened or Safeway Shoes when I get back to it. I’m just starting my fictional journey, but I have folders full of ideas and have written a good portion of book 2. So far the title is Servants of the Innocent The Cursed Tablet (Angels and Dieties book 2.) It does not follow the traditional method of carrying on the story from the first book. Its main charachters are not from book one. It’s a stand alone, as is book one but some of the charachters from book one make an appearance as they are needed for a portion of book two.

I hope this answered some questions and if you have more you can use the contact form and send a message. Or If you dont want to fill it in, use contact@amnixon.com. Thanks, Sincerely, Anna

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