Servants of the Innocent The Cursed Tablet

First Three Chapters Download

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7NR554 The first book in the series which is not needed for book 2, is The Lady and the Hound Divination. The free period has ended but have made the price 1.99 until after Servants gets published. We’ll see after that.

These first three chapters have not been professionally edited yet and may differ from the final published version. Plus I’m constantly editing. lol. Latest version is 11-20-19 and is likely to remain that way into print. Hope you like it!!

I would love feedback as this will not be the final finished product. Anything you wanted to know? Errors? Likes and dislikes? I want to hear from you. This will be available for pre-order by December if all goes well and released January 26th. Maybe sooner if everything works out as planned. Thanks everybody. Sincerely, Anna

Back of the book blurb is posted below. Let me know what you think.

When a routine job goes wrong, one mistake throws their lives into chaos.

Madeline and Julius are immortals, sent by the Divine Ones to rid the earth of those who have fallen under the influence of dark energy. But when a crucial mistake gives one of their targets time to recite a terrible curse, Madeline and Julius find themselves in danger of losing their immortality.

With just one week to reverse the curse before certain death, they must race against time or risk losing their beloved foster daughter Tara, their mansion they’ve affectionately called Hilltop, and everything they hold dear since coming to Earth. 

On a journey that takes them to San Francisco’s wealthy elite, Chinatown, the dark bowels of the Otherworld, and finally to the graveyards of Kentucky, the clock is ticking and every second counts. Will Madeline and Julius be able to reverse their curse, or will they lose everything they love?
If you like supernatural fantasy with a dash of mystery, then you’ll love Madeline and Julius’s hauntingly nerve-racking adventures. “